Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just Another Day

Today has been so slow. In fact, really this week has been slow. The weather is rotten. The wind is 50 gusting 70+ m/hr. Not great for any small aircraft. The hangar is pretty well deserted, except for the odd line guy running around.

I could go out and work on the plane but it's Sunday. I don't care to work on Sunday's except that most people want to fly on Sunday. I've discovered that Saturday is not busy at all for us. Most of our students have families and choose to spend Saturday with their kids but Sunday is usually pretty busy. I called our students and cancelled their lessons for today and tried to reschedule them. Most will call me sometime next week to rebook when we know if the weather is every going to change.

I find that I never get to fly any more. I work very hard at all there is to do around here and when we finally get some nice weather I'm stuck in the office, greeting students, preparing invoices, etc. while my husband conducts in flight lessons. We only got 5 nice flying days last month, so we packed every minute with paying students. I am waiting patiently but sometimes I wish for one nice day with no students. That is not a good wish. I need those students so that I can live on more than Kraft Dinner. Not that I don't enjoy the food of choice for pilot's everywhere I'm just tired of it.

In fact, one of my students brought in fruit and veggies for me. I think he realized that I wasn't joking about the Kraft Dinner. In fact it was more good food than I'd seen in a month. I guess he knew how little we've been eating lately. Why is it that buying veggies is so much more expensive than Kraft Dinner anyway? You'd think that the chemicals they put in it would bring the cost up but no, thanks to mass production. No wonder very poor people get sick, they can't afford to eat the food that would keep them healthy.


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