Saturday, February 04, 2006

Growing Pains

Okay, I've started this blog several times and each time I erased it. I'm not sure how to start this but maybe a small recap would be a good idea.

My husband and I own a small sport flying school. We've got one sport plane and another on the way. We have been working on this project day and night for the past two years. I've been the accountant, mechanic, avionics specalist, receptionist, flight instructor, etc.

The later seems to be my most recent problem, we're now ready to hire a part time flight instructor to help with the work load but I haven't gotten one decent resume. I figured there would be tonnes of low time pilots looking for an instructing jobs but the only ones applying are the line crew at our hangar. (All of them graduated from a certain aviation college program that seems to make them think they are the BEST and that we should be begging them to come work for us.) I can not handle that attitude. I can't hire someone who is not friendly or make students feel they're stupid. We'd never grow if we did that. We need someone friendly and outgoing. I know that this position will only be filler on someone's resume but I really want it to the the right someone.

I'm not even sure where to advertise. Or how other flight schools do so. I could try AOPA but does it work? It's expensive to run an ad to get nothing in return. If you have some ideas, please feel free to let me know.


At 5:29 PM, Blogger Aviatrix said...

There's a flight instructor shortage right now, so many good candidates are being hired by their own schools, or spoken for before even finishing their rides.

Av Canada is an excellent place to advertise for free.
Consider offering something to the right candidate: accommodation or the use of your aircraft to renew an expired rating. Play up what is different about your school - location, speed of the aircraft. "Not Cessnas or Pipers!"

I'd e-mail you, but ... is this a secret blog?


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